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X-Simili is a site designed to encourage meetings and events between people looking for new experiences, occasional or lasting, in a reliable and discreet environment. Thanks to the social part of the site and its serious address, X-Simili is aimed not only at those who wish to get in touch but also at those who wish to organize among themselves. X-Simili offers chat, private messages, event creation and group organization.

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Are you looking for a partner to share common moments and experiences? Or do you want to find the ideal partner with whom to establish a lasting relationship? Searching withX-Simili is simple, serious and straightforward. With us you can find singles of any age, from 18 to over 50, and in any Italian region. Just arrange a meeting online and get to know each other. Initially, before dedicating a real first date, of the classic ones with pizza and evening, even short appointments became a trend. For example, no one will be disappointed if instead of proposing the cinema or having a drink in the evening, you propose an easier meeting of a few minutes such as a coffee, a lunch break or even an aperitif on the fly. X-Simili also gives the possibility to get to know each other online through chats, messages, photo exchange before meeting for the first time. You want a slightly “spicy” meeting you can search for people with similar interests, thanks to the search for common interests.

Find out what it is: On X-Simili everything is possible – in absolute discretion!

Chatting means opening up to new friendships around Italy with people who have SIMILI interests or who want to expand their circle of acquaintances. Here you will find different rooms in which you can enter without registering but simply by entering your nick.name, that is the name with which you want to be recognized in the chat. This is an unmoderated chat therefore not subject to censorship, its use is reserved for adult chatters who are asked for gallantry and a respectful way of addressing users, especially women. The room is open 24 hours a day, any inconvenience or difficulty in accessing it, actually infrequent, is due exclusively to the sporadic malfunction of the network or the connection network and does not depend on the management of the channel. Inside you can participate in group chats in dozens of different rooms, or in private conversations for two. It is not allowed in the channel to advertise or link to other sites. Direct links to Youtube or other sites relating to video clips, music films, songs are allowed. This is due to the fact that the visitors are very fond of music. The rooms are dedicated to common interests or to chatters from the same city / region, with presences even from abroad, all Italian regions are represented by users from all over Italy. The female presence is equivalent to the male one, determining a balance between men and women that makes the dialogues more pleasant and attractive.

X-Simili is an exciting dating site for couples and singles.

The site has a high level of privacy and is therefore suitable not only for those looking for a long-lasting relationship but also for those looking for an exciting secret adventure or casual relationship.

The social aspect is well cared for and allows dating between swingers to give space to meet other open-minded people who want to explore their sexuality in one form or another. Through X-Simili you can organize parties and trips for the community. All members can also create their own parties and events.

Live your nights without limits or inhibitions. On X-Simili everything is possible – in absolute discretion.