Privacy Policy

X-Simili privacy policy

The following information communicates the methods of managing the personal information of X-Simili users and visitors to our site. It is applied to all the digital properties of X-Simili, the market sector of X-Simili, the statistical analysis of X-Simili and the site of X-Simili

The term “we” or x-simili ‘refers to what we are, and to the fact that we own and manage our sites

By the term “privacy policy” we mean our privacy policy. With ‘User Terms and Conditions’ we refer to the rules of use of each of our sites. Terms of use vary by product and consent is required for each separately in the following privacy policy.

The types of personal information that are acquired

  1. Information about visitors and users of our website
  2. The information that is generally acquired are username, email, IP addresses, photos, payment information such as: details on economic transactions, on our payment processor that authorizes transactions, requests for support, and everything that we are authorized to make available on our web pages (for example descriptions) and web analysis data

How information is acquired

  1. All the information released directly by our users and all the data that are automatically recorded while browsing our web portal are acquired
  2. All information released during the subscription to our newsletter, email list, feedback, compilation of surveys, communications to our support, registration on our website and purchase of one of our services are also collected.

How we process personal data

Personal data is used for:

  1. To fulfill a contractual obligation, in particular to facilitate and process transactions that take place on our website, such as the purchase of one of our subscriptions.
  2. For the fulfillment of our purpose or for the legitimate interest of third parties. These interests include:
  • i. Manage the Websites;
  • ii. Provide our users with the services available on our portal;
  • iii. Verify the identity of each user when registering on one of our sites
  • iv. Respond to requests for technical support facilitating the resolution of any disputes;
  • v. Update on our news and information regarding the services offered, such as notifying the user of any changes made to our site, temporary interruptions to the service or security updates;
  • vi. Carry out technical analyzes to improve the service offered;
  • vii. Monitoring of the activity that takes place on our site to identify any fraudulent activity and ensure the application of the terms and conditions of use by the user.
  • viii. Manage any type of contact between us and the user as effectively as possible, for example by responding to comments made on our site, requests for support or participation in questionnaires and surveys;
  • ix. Manage any legal and regulatory operations (including managing risks related to content and fraud matters);
  • x. To instruct the staff of X-Simili on how to best solve the needs of our users;
  • xi. Improve our products and services
  • xii. Provide general and performance administrative functions and activities
  1. Where we ask for consent:
  • i. To provide marketing information on products and services that we believe may be of interest to the user; and
  • ii. To customize our services and websites, such as the appearance of advertising banners, which involves the use of cookies or similar technologies in order to provide information for a more personalized experience;
  1. To respond to purposes imposed by law.
  2. To comply with any requests from the government, the court or authorities responsible for carrying out an investigative investigation.

When personal information is disclosed

Personal information will be disclosed to the following recipients:

    1. Companies that are part of the X-Simili group
    2. The authors of each digital element or service made available to the user to facilitate the support and management of the service license in the various countries where the product is made available;
    3. Subcontractors and service providers who assist us in handling your personal information (as set out above), in particular: providing hosting services for websites located in Australia, the United States and Europe; technical assistance and customer support services located in Europe, Australia and Mexico; marketing services and sales statistics located in Europe; security and fraud prevention services located in the United States and Europe; payment processing services located in the United States, Europe and Australia; identity identification services located in Europe. Nothing that our suppliers can learn from other countries they are in contact with or that they can transfer to third parties.
    4. To our professional advisers (lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, etc.) located in Australia, Europe and the United States;
    5. To regulators and government authorities in matters of enforcement of compliance procedures and obligations;
    6. To the buyer or potential buyer of all or part of our business, and their professional consultants who work together to make the purchase;
    7. To third parties to respond to requests relating to a criminal investigation or alleged or suspected illegal activities;
    8. To third parties in order to enforce or defend our rights or to face financial or reputational risks;
    9. To a holder of rights in relation to an accusation of infringement of intellectual property or any other violation; and
    10. To other recipients to whom we are required or authorized by law to do so
  1. Where we transfer and store personal information

We are based in Europe and the United States, therefore your data will be processed in these two countries. Some of the recipients described above in section 10, to whom we disclose personal information are located outside Australia, in countries such as Canada, the Philippines, Mexico, Europe and the United States. We do this on the basis of the consent expressed by the user to this privacy policy. In order to protect our users’ information we cooperate with subcontractors and service providers who work in accordance with data protection security standards.

How We Keep Personal Information Safe

We store personal information on secure servers managed by us and our suppliers and occasionally on paper files stored in a secure location in Australia, Europe and the United States. All personal information we store is protected by adequate security and access measures, including username and password authentication, two-factor authentication, and data encryption where necessary.

How to access your personal information

  1. Each user can verify the personal information we have by logging into their account. However, it is possible to request access to further information and request any corrections on the data provided. Each customer also has the right to cancel the account created on one of our sites at any time. To make an access or correction request you need to contact our support team. Marketing choices are related to personal information
  2. Where we have consent to do so, (for example if a user has subscribed to our mail list or has indicated their willingness to receive offers and information about us) we send marketing communications via email on products or services. It is possible to stop receiving advertising information at any time by using the “unsubscribe” function that appears in the email provided by the communication itself.
  3. Each user can decide on the use of cookies as indicated below: By changing the settings of your browser, you have the option to accept all cookies, to be notified when a new one is set or to reject all cookies. If you choose the latter option, some parts of our site may not work properly.

Cookies and web analytics

  1. For more information on how we use cookies, web beacons or similar technologies, see our cookie policy at
  2. When a user visits our site, the information recorded is generally anonymous information and does not reveal your identity. If you log in to our site, some of the following information may be associated with the user’s account:
  1. IP address of the user or IP address of the proxy server;
  2. Sometimes the name of the user’s internet service provider is acquired, it depends on the configuration of his ISP connection;
  3. The date and time of the visit to our site
  4. The duration of the session;
  5. The pages accessed;
  6. The number of times our site is accessed within a month;
  7. The website that directed you to our site; and
  8. The operating system used by the computer.

Information made public and disclosed to others

If a user makes his personal information public or releases it to other people, the company is not responsible for how this data will be managed or used, and even less for any damage that may result from it. In this case, we recommend that you pay attention to what you write in the description, which is visible to every user registered on the page, and to the information that is released to other users during a private conversation. If you are sharing information through another website, you need to check the privacy policy of that particular site to see how your personal information is handled; as this privacy policy is only applicable to our website.

How long your personal information is kept

We keep personal information for as long as necessary to provide the services to the user and to comply with our legal obligations. In the event that you want your personal information to no longer be used by X-Simili, you can request cancellation with the definitive closure of the account on X-Simili. It is important to know that even if the deletion of personal information is requested, it is kept to fulfill our legitimate business interests, to comply with the law, to prevent fraud, collect taxes, resolve disputes, solve problems, investigate, enforce the terms of service and for other actions permitted by law. The information processed will be managed in accordance with this privacy statement.

When we need to update our privacy policy

  1. The following policy will undergo periodic changes to ensure that we are in line with the latest privacy updates
  2. Such changes will be notified by email where necessary. A copy of the latest version of this policy will still remain available on our page.

How to contact us

  1. If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy or how information is handled, you can contact our team of experts by filling out the form to request support.
  2. It is important to be aware of the privacy policy so that the user understands how personal information is used and how to best manage it

The following rights apply to an EEA user or visitor

For the purposes of the data protection law applicable to the EU (including the general data protection regulation 2016/679, the “GDPR”), we are responsible for the processing of your data and your personal information

How to access your personal information

  1. You have the right to request the transfer of your personal information (for example, to transfer it in a structured format commonly used and readable by a machine), to delete it or limit its processing. You also have the right to object to data processing based on our legitimate interests, such as profiling for the purposes of direct marketing operations, and to withdraw your consent already expressed as described below
  2. These rights have limitations on certain occasions – for example when we can demonstrate that we have a legal right to process certain information. This means that we may need to keep some data even if you withdraw your consent.
  3. The request for personal information to fulfill legal or contractual obligations is mandatory. If this data is not provided we will not be able to manage our contractual relationship with you and to fulfill the obligations imposed by law. In all other cases, the release of the personal data requested is optional.
  4. In cases of unresolved issues you also have the right to complain to the data protection authorities. The competent authority on the matter will be the data protection authority of your country: (i) of your habitual residence; (ii) of your workplace; or (iii) in which the alleged infringement is believed to have occurred.

Personal information and personal data have the same meaning in the context of this privacy policy

X-Simili Privacy Policy v3, last updated 25 May 2018

Terms and conditions of General Use


Service: the telecommunication services offered via the internet or other means that include content provided in any form by B. Content: the actual content of a website. This content also includes, photographs, texts and profiles. C. Hyperlink: The primary purpose of links is to present information and verify that users are human. D. Website / online web platform: a medium for presenting information on the Internet. E. Profile: the summary of personal characteristics and preferences, which has been given by a user is visible to other users of this site. F. Start: The digital storage of data, processes or events that have taken place on the site. G. User: the person who visits a website and / or uses the services provided by x-simili. From now on we will call these General Terms and Conditions of Use “TCUG”. From now on, we will call these TCUGs “User”. From now on we will call the website www. as “x-simili”.


We recommend that you carefully read these General Terms and Conditions of Use (TCUG) to participate, as X-Simili as a user, to develop a responsible and quality Internet service. By registering, the user undertakes to read and accept, and also to comply with these General Terms and Conditions of Use. If the user does not accept these TCUGs, he must not register for the services or use them. Registration in one or more Services, as well as the use of these, implies the user’s acceptance of the TCUGs. When you click continue with the phrase “By clicking continue you agree with the terms and conditions and cookies” found at the end of the registration page to confirm, the User acknowledges that he is fully informed and accepts the provisions of the TCUG present or, among others, be over 18 years or the legal age of your country. In case of non-acceptance, you will not be able to continue the registration process and will not be able to use the services offered on the website X-Simili is an online web platform in Italian, intended solely for Users and created to facilitate virtual encounters between men, women and couples, in an erotic environment, giving them the opportunity to develop their social network. X-Simili is available in several countries around the world and targeted for use by users for entertainment and entertainment purposes detailed later. Some of the options available at are free, others are only available with the purchase of vouchers / subscriptions or by single payment.
In X-Simili invites you to read carefully our TCUGs and asks its Users to respect them, in order to offer the best possible service to all our Users. we provide assistance and / or answers in case of doubts or questions regarding the website and the User can contact our customer support. Confirmation, declares to be of age and to have read and accepted our TCUG, is mandatory to confirm registration and registration, in this way the user confirms that he is over 18 years old or that he is considered legal in your country and confirms that you have read, understood, have the necessary information, agree and accept the TCUG of The User can access these TCUGs at any time and has the possibility to renew those services that you choose. If you feel disagree with the TCUG of this service, you will need to request the cancellation of your personal profile as soon as possible.

### AGREEMENT BETWEEN X-SIMILI AND ITS USERS. The following TCUGs form a regular agreement between X-Simili and its Users. The present ones are only valid for any interaction / relationship between X-Simili and its Users, and all previous provisions will be automatically canceled and / or canceled. The following TCUGs represent each and every one of the rights and obligations between X-Simili and its Users regarding the use of the X-Simili online web platform.
X-Simili reiterates that in the absence of an agreement with the User, he will have to leave the X-Simili online web platform. and request cancellation and deletion from your account as we will describe below. If users continue using X-Simili, not agreeing with the terms exposed by through our general TCUG, it means that the legal and contractual terms and conditions of these TCUG are accepted and confirmed.


To become a user of X-Simili, it is mandatory to be of age, if this point is not respected, web platform will not be responsible under any circumstances for any damages and / or prejudices that may derive from it.
Users confirm that the data offered are real and true, as they claim that they give such information freely and voluntarily and under their full responsibility. The User undertakes to remove the profile data as quickly as possible from his User panel if there are false statements and / or profiles Users will have their own ID (User Name or Alias) and the password created by X-Simili which it can be changed according to user needs. This data is private and Users will be solely responsible for the use of these identifiers. Users are responsible for communicating and / or sharing such data to other people. In any case of improper use of your personal account, for reasons beyond the security measures of X-Simili, or due to the negligence of the user, X-Simili refuses any form of responsibility. Users will also be solely responsible for all actions and / or statements made by their account, regardless of the legitimacy or otherwise of the foregoing.
Consequently, the Users declare to exclude X-Simili from any liability that may arise in this regard.
The equipment needed to access the X-Simili web services is of total and exclusive relevance to the user account, as well as any expense caused by any means of communication chosen for such use.
Users are notified as follows: X-Simili, not having control of the identity of the registered persons, is unable to provide guarantees on the members and their performance, although not having the obligation to do so and not being included in any way in the platform. web online. If a third person uses the id of one of the users, X-Simili will in no case be responsible. If a user believes that a third party is using their personal data or their account, they must inform X-Simili as soon as possible.
To guarantee the quality and safety of the site and related services, X-Simili reserves the right to cancel the accounts of users who are not registered through X-Simili subscriptions for a period longer than 12 weeks. In this way, he will have the choice of deciding with the accounts of users who did not have access to the web in 3 months or more and do not have an active subscription. Therefore this deactivation, all messages received on the web can be removed.


Users can use the free services offered by X-Simili by respecting the rules of use explained above
Terms and conditions. In case of non-compliance with the conditions, X-Simili reserves the right to eliminate the Users who cause problems. Users will be able to access their profile at any time, to pay the fees.
Once the payment has been made, the price will not be changed for the entire subscription period. The registration date is not a guarantee that the relevant rate in effect is the same at the time from the registration date. The amount to be paid for the rates will remain the same as determined at the time of registration and relative payment.


The purpose of X-Simili is to provide an online web platform intended solely for Users, created to facilitate virtual meetings between men, women and couples, giving them the opportunity to meet freely in an erotic context and at the same time develop their social network. , all purposes are exclusively private and not focused on any commercial activity.
Consequently, X-Simili assumes the responsibility of giving its affiliated users the possibility of using an online web platform to establish contact with other users that it will choose through electronic and remote means.
The purpose of X-Simili is not to advise or intercede in any of the different types of informal or extra-marital marital relationships. The specific services offered by X-Simili and its features will be described later in this document. X-Simili recommends a careful reading of the conditions and methods of subscriptions, as a prevention so that no misunderstandings or misunderstandings occur. If there is any doubt or question, the support team is at your complete disposal.
The X-Simili web platform will give Users extra services and the possibility of having virtual contacts with an erotic background. The User who feels uncomfortable or offended must leave the website immediately and at the same time proceed with the right to delete her profile.
To make it easier to use the web platform, users will have the possibility of accessing the contact form, in order to send questions to the support service, which will respond within a maximum period of 30 hours.
It is not among the services of X-Simili to organize face-to-face meetings, nor to guarantee Users access to the full service or without Internet tele-communication network.


As highlighted in this TCUG, the user undertakes to accept and comply with the general rules of conduct and related regulations using the X-Simili web platform.
By subscribing to the Services, Users automatically undertake to comply with the following obligations:
• Use the Services only for the purpose indicated by X-Simili in the terms of use.
• Do not carry out actions and / or statements with offensive, homophobic and / or xenophobic, political and / or incitement to violence and in any way contrary to the objectives of X-Simili, and the rules of conduct of the TCUG.
• Do not send to other Users any means links or links to other websites.
• Not to act against the will of others.
• Make statements that are truthful and in accordance with reality and do not publish or disseminate content that does not conform to reality.
• Respect the regulations in force and do not violate public order.
• Respect intellectual or industrial property rights.
• Not to disseminate, in any form, content of a defamatory nature or that damage the rights of others and to show respect and fairness towards other Users.
• Do not jeopardize the Services or the site.
• Do not propose, solicit or promote goods or services for financial compensation.
• Not to communicate or disseminate, by any means of information or content that have as their object to misrepresent, sabotage or prevent the normal use of the services offered by X-Simili, as well as interfere, interrupt or slow down communications between users. X-Simili reserves the right to limit messages sent en masse by a User, thus maintaining a quality of normal use in the service for other Users.
• Do not use the site for commercial or advertising purposes. We remind you that the diversion of customers to another website could be subject to criminal prosecution and compensation will be requested as compensation for the damages suffered by the X-Simili website.
• Use your password and / or your username solely for identification to gain access and use the services. The User must not communicate, disseminate, share or make public, by any means, the password or your alias to third parties.
• Do not open more than one account for personal use.
Photos, data, files and the like, that a User sends to X-Simili must have as a general rule a purely private content and refer exclusively to himself, in case of referring to a third party, he must have express authorization, under the responsibility exclusive of the person concerned.
X-Simili declines any possible responsibility for possible damages or damages following meetings between Users or non-Users generated by the use of the X-Simili online web platform. The X-Simili website also rejects any liability for damage or damage caused between users via messages and / or public announcements.
X-Simili has no control of external sites and sources (web pages, forums and more) that derive from Hypertext links from users on the online web platform and assumes no responsibility for their content. In this regard, we encourage Users to discontinue the operation and notify X-Simili if it is discovered that a link or Hyperlink directs to a site or an external source whose title or content would violate the laws.
X-Simili recommends precaution in establishing contact with other Users with information such as: name, address, facebook, telephone numbers, etc. X-Simili is an active member in the fight against spam and therefore it is not allowed to send the e-mail address.
Users are solely responsible for the use of the data they consult, request or communicate on the site.
The User undertakes to keep aside and, in this case, to compensate X-Simili or due to any fines, compensation, penalties, damages or damages deriving from any claims of the kind or nature that may arise, directly or indirectly, from the violation of legal or contractual obligations deriving from the TCUG attributable to the User.
X-Simili has the right to withdraw from the contract and service as well as the deletion of the account of the offending User for non-compliance with these obligations as previously mentioned which could constitute a serious violation by the User and X-Simili reserves the right to terminate the service contract and delete the invalid user account.
Where X-Simili does not manifest the violation by

Users of the TCUG cannot be construed as a waiver by you to prove non-compliance in the future.


The User must always act in good faith towards X-Simili and his Users.
The User will respect the intellectual property rights on any content transmitted or reported by X-Simili.
The User accepts and assumes that by submitting personal information, they do not consider it to be harmful in the event of misuse by others.


X-Simili is responsible for providing the service of an online web platform with the aim of facilitating virtual encounters between men, women and couples, offering users the opportunity to obtain, get to know and develop their social network.
Each User has the possibility to communicate and exchange information, photos and thoughts with other Users, freely and in total confidentiality, within the limits set by the TCUG. X-Simili declines all responsibility for false statements made by any User.
X-Simili has no obligation or responsibility to supervise the contents disclosed or disseminated by Users in private messages sent on the web platform. As a result of this inability, X-Simili has no obligation or commitment to identify Users, to mediate between such Users or the content reported or disseminated or sent through internal messages to the system of any of them, nor to give or provide data that can be used to identify its Users.
X-Simili does not guarantee the success of mediation between users, and the services offered do not constitute counseling and / or therapy for couples and are limited only to promote the development of the Users’ virtual social network on the online web platform.
Consequently, X-Simili assumes the responsibility to ensure as far as possible the correct functioning of the online web platform. There is the possibility of isolated cases in which this operation is temporarily out of order for reasons not attributable to X-Simili. In these cases, in addition to those specified in this document, X-Simili would be responsible for the failure or incorrect functioning of the online web platform.
X-Simili has no duty or responsibility or technical means to identify Users while they are connected to the X-Simili Internet online web platform.


In case of serious violations of these TCUG, X-Simili reserves the right to delete a User account or cancel any subscription in force even if the subscription has been paid correctly, the user previously intimated and warned, if he continues to act not in accordance with the requirements of X-Simili and that is not to offend, it will be deleted from the virtual platform.
Users can request the cancellation of their account in X-Simili at any time. These will have to fill in the contact form to make the waiver request. This request will be processed in a maximum of 72 hours.
If the User makes the request while still having a subscription in place, the User will not be entitled to receive a refund for the remainder of his subscription if he cancels for any reason from the Service. The User must inform the Service that he is aware of this and that he renounces to make use of the subscription or subscription of the remaining time. In any other situation you will receive an email from the X-Simili Service, providing information on these conditions and requesting and final confirmation for the deletion of the profile, being aware and agreeing to lose the rest of the subscription in force. However, this practice may delay deletion of the User account.
The User is aware that his User information will be deleted, but that the payment data will not be deleted as regards payment providers, in order to provide a correct complaint in the event of returns or requests for information by the authorities on any amount charged. The User is deemed to be informed that the reimbursement actions will be pursued with all the force of law available in each corresponding country.


The amounts, options and descriptions of these subscriptions / subscriptions are described on the subscription page
X-Simili reserves the right to change the prices of subscriptions and subscriptions, when it deems it necessary.
X-Simili will always inform users of such changes, which never affect subscriptions in force.


The User can cancel subscriptions and subscriptions within the following terms:
The User can cancel at any time, even if the cancellation deadline has expired before the next renewal, as in these cases, the subscription will be renewed only once more and the cancellation will be effective from the next period.
Subscriptions purchased in X-Simili can be used by Users until the end of their contract, even if the subscription has been canceled and therefore there will be no future charges for the User.
Since X-Simili can change the amounts to be paid at any time, the current rates will be available on the X-Simili website. Prices will always include the taxes of each country in question.
Users will be able to purchase subscriptions by credit card, with other payment methods that X-Simili offers at the time of purchase depending on each country in question. The amount of services involved can be changed depending on the payment methods used. The amounts to be paid for subscriptions or subscriptions will be indicated and recorded in the price lists that X-Simili has in view on the online web platform.
In alleged cases of commissions due to insufficient credit, the User will be responsible for such commissions and will never be X-Simili or the respective provider. X-Simili reserves the right to add, remove or modify the payment methods deemed necessary, while not affecting the subscriptions or subscriptions in force.
Payment providers will not add any extra fees to the amount indicated on the website.


Users can choose to purchase a subscription or a subscription to access the paid services of the web platform by credit card. In some cases even with a debit card. After a successful transaction, the User will have immediate access to the paid services of X-Simili.


The User who purchases a subscription or credit card subscription subject to a periodic subscription method. This subscription can be canceled via “Cancel” button located under “My Profile” in the page “Unsubscription”. Such cancellation will be valid on the expiry date of the current subscription, provided and when it has been canceled within the period established for each type of subscription mentioned above. If the time limit has expired, the next period will be canceled.
If the subscription is not canceled by the User, said subscription will be renewed automatically for a period of time similar to the last one selected by the user. All the details regarding subscriptions, cancellations and cancellation times will always be available to the User in the Edit: settings panel. From there you will be able to manage your subscriptions. If you have any doubts or questions, always contact our customer service directly.
Each User is responsible for managing their own subscriptions and canceling the subscription in time, if they do not wish to continue the subscription for one or more periods. The support service is not responsible for canceling current subscriptions in time or monitoring the deadlines for canceling Users. If you want to unsubscribe from the services click on [here]
Prices and cancellation terms can be changed and such changes never affect an ongoing subscription. “



** X-Simili protects its online web platform, companies and credit card processors, banks and institutions that provide services of this type of fraudulent card charges. This reload occurs when the cardholder makes a claim for a charge to the card processor, bank or institution and the charge is charged to the company. The cancellation is fraudulent if the credit card holder requests a refund of a legitimate payment for a service he has already paid for. You understand and agree that, prior to a possible attempt to generate a fraudulent refund request, we will work with the credit card processor, bank or institution concerned and with the judicial authorities to investigate the matter. Our assistance provided may consist of providing detailed information on profiles, IP, card authentication and communications related to our Services or other Users or subscribers. Participating in activities in order to ascertain a fraud charge is illegal. The User acknowledges and accepts that it can be processed by this activity and X-Simili reserves the right to claim costs and expenses that could be incurred in responding to fraudulent charges, using all the force available by the laws in force.
The User understands and accepts that X-Simili will have all their data within the limits of the law in a convenient way and with the purpose of connecting debtors with X-Simili in the lists of defaulting debtors and both public and private lists.
The User understands and accepts that, in case

of a chargeback, you will lose the right to check your profile and it will be fully assigned to X-Simili **


X-Simili may offer, at times, services for users or users couples free contact with users, men or couples (not counting the cost of the connection and telecommunications that are made by users or couples) for an indefinite duration once ascertained. the veracity of his sexuality (women) or (couple of man and woman) with measures that X-Simili creates necessary and for the moment deemed correct by X-Simili, subject to a modification of the TCUG.


The use of the service complies with the X-Simili Privacy Policy. You agree that when you register for a profile or use our Service, you will be accepting X-Simili’s privacy policy.
X-Simili adopted very strict measures regarding the protection of the User’s data, with the aim of respecting the privacy and general data and above all with regard to compliance with international data protection standards.
All Users will always have access to their personal information and the ability to change it at any time. You can also make use of the right to delete your personal data at any time. Thus they have access to the contact form, and complete with the necessary information, to be able to proceed with the identification of the specified User.
The User declares to be aware that the publication of information to complete his profile, or voluntarily send files to other Users, such as their sexual preferences, photos is under his own responsibility and risk of the User and he assumes all responsibilities for it and at the same time declares its willingness to publish such information within the scope of the platform itself.
Users can request the Bulletin for information and offers from the e-mail address by registering for the newsletter, as well as cancel the receipt.


To register on the site, the user must communicate information in accordance with these TCUG.
Personal data can be of a public or private nature.
They are considered personal data of a private nature and, therefore, as protected data, as follows:
.communications that are exchanged between Users.
• The e-mail address of the Users.
• The full name of the users.
• The postal address of the users.
• The X-Simili Banking Data Saves all payment data and the cardholder in case of payment by credit and debit card corresponding to the Banking Institute. X-Simili Always saves the computer’s IP address, time and place where the payment was made. These data collected in this way will be used only in the event of a return since the debt collection agency will need the information necessary to be able to claim the sums due.
The rest of the personal data communicated by the Users will be considered public.
In general, the personal data and private information that Users communicate will in no case be transmitted to third parties without their consent, they will be stored and protected and will only be used in the execution of the Services, for the conclusion of the contract and to communicate with Users.Only some employees of X-Simili have access to personal data and its subcontractors specifically authorized for this purpose.
The User understands and accepts that X-Simili cooperates with local authorities in the event of a criminal investigation against the User, thus sharing all the data requested by the judicial bodies.
Other Users of the Site have access to personal information of a public nature and may disseminate in any video or document in which X-Simili promotes the site and its Users.
It is possible that this public information discloses the ethnic origin of Users, nationality, religion and / or their sexual orientation. In communicating this information, which is optional, Users acknowledge that they want and expressly allow the processing of such data by X-Simili and they themselves become responsible.
X-Simili is not responsible for the private data that the User voluntarily publishes on his public profile.
If the User does not agree with the above, he has the option and the right to cancel his account when he deems it appropriate under the conditions previously in these TCUG.
By registering with X-Simili, You agree to join the X-Simili mailing list and our affiliate group, and receive emails and notifications from them.



To protect the integrity of the service, we reserve the right to block users from certain IP addresses, at any time and in our sole discretion, to prevent access to our site.


By registering on the website, the User accepts the policy on cookies and temporary files of X-Simili
Cookies and temporary files are used by X-Simili to make it easier to navigate on the Website. Store the personal information that the User has entered during their visit.
Cookies and temporary files are part of the data stored on the User’s computer regarding the use of his account. X-Simili uses session cookies and temporary files to check if users are connected and to save information such as the password.
Cookies and temporary files also save information relating to the User’s navigation on the Site (the pages visited, the date and time of the visit, etc.) so that, on the next visit, it will not be necessary for the User to re-enter this information. .
Users can object to cookies or temporary files that are saved by configuring their browser, if they wish. However, X-Simili recommends their use for a better experience and page navigation.


Trademarks, places, graphics, photographs or animations, videos and texts contained in the Website are registered and of exclusive intellectual property] as well as all the elements necessary for the operation of the X-Simili online web platform. Design, code pages, CSS pages and anything else can be reproduced, used or represented on any support and by any Technical means without the express authorization of X-Simili. Any violation of this rule leads to all appropriate legal action. The rights of use granted by X-Simili by X-Simili Users is strictly limited for private and personal use under the signed contract and for its entire duration. Any other use by Users without the authorization of X-Simili is prohibited.
Users are strictly prohibited from modifying, copying, reproducing, downloading, disseminating, transmitting, exploiting for commercial purposes and / or distributing in any way the Services, the page of the online web platform or the computer codes of the elements that make up the platform and online web services. .


The User grants to X-Simili, within the Services, a non-exclusive license of such rights on content and information of a public nature.
This license includes the right to reproduce, modify, digitize and use various means of communication for advertising purposes, whether commercial or not, and / or in general the content and public information relating to Users (images, videos, descriptions, search criteria, etc) provided by the User in whole or in part in the X-Simili Services (on the website, email, etc), in the X-Simili e-mails and more generally, in any electronic means of communication used (email, SMS , MMS, WAP, Internet) within the Services.
These rights are granted worldwide. Users are prohibited from copying, reproducing or using in a personal and private capacity the contents of other Users for other purposes than their own Services. Any violation of these rules will be considered as a serious infringement and as a violation of the rights of third parties.
For privacy reasons and given that this space is designed for a personal description, Users will not be able to show or request contact or subscription details in their public profile.


In order to use X-Simili services, Users will need a computer with the appropriate configuration and have the necessary software. The reception of cookies and Java Script must be enabled for correct use. X-Simili does not give any guarantee that the User can use the web platform correctly. It is the User who is responsible for possessing the materials necessary for the correct use of Internet programs. The User acknowledges, accepts and admits that X-Simili cannot fully guarantee the security, availability and integrity of data transmissions via the internet.
Furthermore, X-Simili does not guarantee that these Services may be accessible if the User’s service provider does not provide its services correctly. X-Simili will have no responsibility if users cannot access the web page for reasons deriving from an error of the internet service provider or deriving from deficiencies in their IT equipment.
Under these circumstances, X-Simili makes no guarantees that in

services work without interruptions or errors of any kind, and in fact, reserves the right to interrupt the service in the event of updates, maintenance or improvements to the platform. These actions may be necessary to maintain an optimal level of Services and the perfect functioning of the web and cannot be avoided. If there is such a possibility, X-Simili will always try to inform Users of such acts first.
In case of inactive or false profiles in X-Simili we reserve the right to decide their elimination or management with the intent to offer a better service to our users.


17. The information provided by a User to X-Simili must be accurate, accurate and truthful. The consequences of disclosing personal data to other Users are the sole responsibility of each User. It will be the User who will take the initiative to disclose and disseminate information, data, images, contents or texts relating to her person through the Services. Therefore, the User agrees to renounce any recourse against X-Simili, based, in particular, on the violation of their image rights, his honor, reputation or the intimacy of his private life, resulting from the dissemination or disclosure of information regarding your person on the conditions envisaged and indicated in the TCUG, in particular, the article “data protection and privacy policy”, where the User has previously and voluntarily authorized such disclosure through his registration in the Services and in the application of this TCUG.

17.B. X-Simili is not responsible for the accuracy or inaccuracy of the information and content provided by other Users, visitors to the sites or their User, nor for the consequences deriving from this. On the other hand, X-Simili cannot be held responsible for the contents disclosed by a User who may be subject to having violated the rights of one or more Users or third parties and in relation with which X-Simili provides proof that has not been informed by any User or third party in this regard, who has no prior knowledge of the existence of such contents or who does not incur any violation of contractual obligations. The liability of X-Simili could only be compromised by a User in the event that it presents convincing, irrefutable and definitive evidence that there has been a violation by X-Simili or one of its service providers involved in the fulfillment of the contractual obligations of X-Simili and this non-fulfillment has caused damage to the direct and effective User. In this case it will be X-Simili that must prove that it has not violated its contractual obligations in any way. X-Simili assumes no responsibility for direct or indirect damages that Users suffer if these are the cause or if such damage derives from a situation of force majeure.
X-Simili is not committed in any way to verify the real identity of any particular user. Mainly because anonymity and discretion are essential points for relationships on the Internet but also because he does not have sufficient means and legal rights. 17.C. The quality of the Services requested both by X-Simili and for its Users implies compliance with certain standards and practices on the expression and behavior of Users, respect for the rights of third parties as well as compliance with laws and regulations in force. The fulfillment of this requirement of quality and individual and ethical responsibility, X-Simili allows all Users to report through the sites those data (photographs, texts, videos), behaviors or statements of others deemed likely to violate laws and regulations in force, against the image or purpose of the services against the rights of third parties or morality. Thus the User understands and accepts that sometimes their texts may occasionally be monitored / moderated with reason to comply with these TCUG and so that they can be published or sent.
Consequently, the Users acknowledge and accept that the information provided, as well as their behavior and their statements in the context of the Services, have the possibility of being reported by other Users and moderated, eliminated or controlled by X-Simili, in accordance to objective criteria. In the event that such complaint or control reveals a violation of the laws and regulations in force by a User or a violation of his contractual obligations, the provisions of this TCUG may apply, in particular the article “Elimination of User Account”. Depending on the behavior or statements of the Users, a surveillance team of X-Simili may decide to block the Users if this were the case.
17.D. In the event that the liability of X-Simili should be investigated for a violation motivated by a User of

the obligations and rules that apply in accordance with the law or this TCUG, the User undertakes to protect X-Simili before any claim against X-Simili with reason for the violation attributable to the User.


In using our Service, you can access third-party content both through our service and through links to third-party websites. As we have no control over such sites and resources, the User accepts and acknowledges that X-Simili is not responsible for the availability of such external sites or resources, and that X-Simili neither favors nor is responsible for the content, advertising, products or other materials available on them. Among other things, the User understands and accepts that X-Simili does not guarantee the 100% accuracy of the profiles hosted on the site or the content of messages sent on the platform. It also understands and accepts that X-Simili reserves the right to delete profiles abandoned by Users who remain inactive for more than 90 days, in order to offer a better service, experience and provide a greater possibility of establishing contact. You also acknowledge and agree that X-Simili is not responsible for these third party sites’ use of your personal information. These sites have their own privacy policies, procedures and practices. You should read the privacy policy and procedures before providing information and this is your choice. Among other things, X-Simili accepts and acknowledges not to be responsible, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss or damage caused or allegedly caused by the use of content, goods or services available through such site or resource, or for your trust them. X-Simili expressly disclaims any responsibility for these sites, their availability, content, accuracy, services or other elements respective such pages that are considered external to X-Simili. Among other things, X-Simili rejects any responsibility for any criminal consequences if any user or visitor of X-Simili, despite these recommendations, ignores them


X-Simili will only be liable to each of its Users when such User demonstrates by X-Simili a malicious and intentionally harmful act against the User in question.
In the event that the user has had a direct or indirect involvement in causing the damage suffered, X-Simili will never be liable under any circumstances.
If such User has totally or partially violated some terms of this TCUG, X-Simili will not be liable for any direct or indirect damage suffered by the User.


X-Simili may unilaterally modify the TCUG when it deems it necessary. Users will be promptly informed of its publication through the X-Simili website.
X-Simili will send the new TCUG to the User by e-mail with a minimum advance of one month upon its entry into force and from then on it will be considered active and valid.
This TCUG represents the totality of the rights and obligations of X-Simili and the User, respectively, with regard to the use of the X-Simili Web platform.


This TCUG constitute a contract that governs the relationship between the User and X-Simili. They cancel and replace any other previous provision that has not been expressly mentioned or added to the rights and obligations between X-Simili and the User in relation to its purpose. In the event that one or more provisions included in this TCUG are declared void in application of a law or regulation or following a final judgment of the competent jurisdiction, the other provisions will retain all their validity and relative term if this sentence so permits. Furthermore, the fact that one of the parties has not taken legal action in relation to a violation of any of the provisions of these terms of use committed by the other party does not imply the waiver of the right to take legal action against such violation in the future.
X-Simili reminds that in case of disagreement the User must leave the X-Simili website and request the cancellation of the User account and that if he continues to use the web platform being in disagreement with the standards of X-Simili and these TCUGs, represents in legal terms that the User accepts these TCUGs and agrees with them.

Use of prohibited material

The direct or indirect use of material prohibited under the terms of article xy law, containing material of a pedophile and / or violent nature is prohibited on the X-Simili website. Transgression will result in immediate expulsion from the site and possible denum to the authorities.