Can sex become boring or otherwise not exciting after being with the same partner for a long time?

Of course it can happen!

Because sex is no different from all other human activities!
Without opposites, it is difficult to define something.

After a while, exclusive sex between 2 people can become routine because there is nothing outside of sexual interaction to compare it to. At least for a large proportion of couples this is a fact. Couples who have had extensive experience with others before settling down with a single partner may also suffer from “menu complacency”.
Regardless of the degree of variation a given union includes in its sexual repertoire, participants will eventually hit the wall of repetition. Sexual incompatibility is often cited as a source of relationships outside the couple’s relationship, arguing that creativity in bed is limited by accusing the partner of little … availability.
“My wife doesn’t do oral sex ….”
“My husband, even today after so many years, doesn’t know how to stimulate me!”
Whatever the reason stated, it is often the excuse many rely on to justify their taste for “dishes” other than those served at home. But this is actually nothing other than human nature. Blaise Pascal used to say: “Neither angels nor beasts but angels and beasts”. This means that, like animals, we too are under the influence of our natural instincts, even though we usually manage to filter them through reason.
For the couple, therefore, the saying “To live is not to be but to become!” and it will depend on both the ability to “create” the new relationship every day!

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