The main secret to charming a woman is to first make her feel sexually attracted to you and then be nice to her.
It is not enough to treat her well. That’s not what it means to be a charming man.
If you try to charm a woman just by being kind, courteous, sweet and polite and skip the sexual attraction part, she will only perceive you as a nice guy that she has no sexual interest in. As a result, you will be placed in the friend zone.
To adequately charm a woman, you need to trigger her feelings of sexual attraction for you and then give her the added bonus of being the lucky recipient of your good and kind nature.
So how can you make a woman feel attracted to her and then treat her well in a way that is seen as charming?
There are many ways you can make a woman feel attracted to you. Make her feel like she can trust you, make her laugh, make her feel feminine about your masculinity, create a seductive vibe and flirt with her.
Ways to treat a woman well and be considered charming are to compliment her, take her out to a nice place for a date, treat her well, and generally show her that you respect and care for her.

However, I have to be very clear about one thing …
It’s not enough to be nice to a woman. Simply being nice to a woman (e.g. showing her that you respect her, complimenting her, etc.) is not the way to charm her.
You must first trigger her feelings of sexual attraction.
If you watch any kind of romantic movie aimed at women, you will usually see the same basic storyline unfold where the beautiful girl is sick of dating losers, jerks, and guys who don’t treat her well.
Initially, she rejects the good guy in the movie, but after he saves the day, saves the world or saves her, she falls in love with him and he is portrayed as her prince charming that she should always be with.
wow, what a sweetness …
Unlike movies, men who effortlessly charm women in real life don’t need to save the day, save the world, or save the woman from a villain or idiot.
It is actually much simpler and more immediate than that.
In the real world, guys can instantly charm women and get to kiss and even sex on the first night or on a first date.

For example: a study in the United States found that 55% of couples had sex on a first date, and a European study found that 70% of women admitted having had a one night stand.
Nowadays, relationships usually BEGIN with sex and after that, the man and woman decide whether they want to continue dating casually or become exclusive to each other.
So if you are looking for information on how to charm a woman, make sure you don’t waste time trying to become Mr. Perfect who hopes to be liked by a woman just because you are a gentleman.
Modern women are interested in your being a “gentleman” AFTER you have made them feel sexually attracted to you.
Here are 4 common traits of a charming man …
1. A charming man makes others feel good about themselves
2. he smiles and adds positivity to social interactions.
3. Accept compliments confidently and with class
4. He does not try to be perfect in everything. Be self-deprecating! The woman will feel that she can relate to your imperfections. And if she also makes a mistake during the conversation or does something embarrassing, she won’t have to worry so much about you. Another important part is to add some flirtation to your interactions.
Most guys don’t feel comfortable flirting with women because they assume they’ll be seen as sleazy or too pushy. However, it is actually the most discreet and classy way to show your sexual interest in a woman and allow her to innocently show her sexual interest in you.

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