What is love?

Difficult to answer but surely we should all agree that love at least means “genuinely and unconditionally desiring the good of the person you love”. In this article we want to tackle this topic in a provocative way, are you up to it?
So let’s start a little in fourth place and ask if:
Not a few women have among their fantasies that of having more men who have the sole purpose of giving her pleasure. Whether in extreme sweetness or in greedy passion! Of course the same goes for men.
For several reasons, certainly known, you can choose to let them remain fantasies or make these experiences real.
Let’s imagine for a moment a couple in a bar one evening; they joke, flirt and are cheerful. Together they glance at a man at the counter that they both like, they look at each other without speaking with a smile. He gets up, goes to the counter, books a drink and starts talking to the other who is alone. He suggests that they sit at their table and have a drink. They exchange smiles and mischievous looks and after a while they realize they are excited by the same thought. Soon I’m home to the cup. She is very excited and caresses the man while his partner looks pleased. His pants and her dress slip off and …. moans of pleasure … LOVE and COMPLICITY?
Or jealousy, possessiveness and fear of losing it?
And what about the opening sentence: “to love means to genuinely and unconditionally desire the good of the person you love”?
The answers are in each of us. Our article gives rise to new thoughts and spaces in which to ask your questions. And why not, even a bit of a provocation to look at from a different perspective.

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