It depends. What is certain is that it has a very ancient history behind it. It is believed that the practice of swinging was known both in ancient Greece and in ancient Rome. And which today is increasingly accepted (and practiced) by society
Swingers are not the same as polyamorous couples who embrace more than one relationship at a time, with any number of variations over which feelings can develop and turn into close bonds.
Swingers on the other hand mostly play their extra-marital game like #couple and make sure to keep things light and fun.
While many people assume #swinging (or having other people participate) is a fantasy dedicated to men, it is often the woman who finds herself enjoying it the most. In this scenario, men are more likely to feel in competition with other men, while women tend to support each other.
“Swapping” means having sex with other partners, together or apart. These are #disinhibited consensual experiences that partners discuss before, during and after with each other, in which details are shared as much or as little as desired. “
What is completely modern in swinging is the normalization of less traditional forms of relating. Psychotherapist Tammy Nelson says swinging is related to happier marriages and more life satisfaction.
Swinging can add excitement to a couple’s relationship when the couple has a solid foundation of trust and connection. Being with other people in a non-exclusive sexual experience can increase mutual attraction. While it may seem paradoxical, intensity and eroticism can add an element of vitality.
Before adopting the swingers lifestyle, there are a few things to keep in mind:
Discuss it all – Communicate much more than ever before. It’s important to talk about how each partner feels and what this experience can do for your relationship.

Start Slow – You and your partner have talked about it … more than 50 times, and both of you agree with the idea of ​​being intimate with other people. Do it slowly! It’s best to walk in hesitantly, cross the lines with trepidation, check each other out, and then move on again.
Respect your partner’s boundaries – This is a good rule of thumb to follow for all relationships and even life, and it’s a particularly smart idea if you’re opening up your relationship to swinging. This kind of extra-relational activity can get complicated if both partners don’t agree 100%.
It is not about compromise. Compromise means that one partner gets hurt while the other only gets a part of what she wants. It’s about being in tune.

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