69 is one of the most famous and consulted sexual techniques over the years. 69 is that famous posture that encompasses the wonderful world of #oral #sex, in which one person is stretched out while the other is on top, face down, and with the head turned towards the other person’s genitals, so that the mouths of the two people are facing each other’s genitals at the same time … wonderful, right? Well, let’s delve a little bit into the advantages and disadvantages that can be found with this position:
Well, even though it’s hard to imagine, not everyone is advantageous with this Kamasutra position:
It can be quite difficult to concentrate when giving and receiving at the same time. During 69, it is very easy to get lost in #pleasure and stop giving pleasure to the other.
If you are shy, it may not be the best position for you … You will have access to many erogenous zones at the same time and you will have them on your face. So, if you’re one of those who think “does she like me?”, “Does she like me?”, “I don’t want her to have my #ass in her face”, we recommend that you leave 69 aside for now.
If you are a bit picky with smells, we recommend that you take a fragrant shower with your partner for a few minutes before venturing out to try posture # 69.
Of course, not everything can be disadvantageous. Otherwise, this Kamasutra position wouldn’t have earned such a good reputation, right?
Your mouth will have access to your partner’s intimate areas in an unconventional and totally new way; … Nobody said it is an exclusively oral sex posture, your hands are in the perfect place and within reach of erogenous zones and can give you much more pleasure.
And although we said it was a disadvantage, it is also, without a doubt, an advantage: #MUTUAL STIMULATION. At the same time you give and receive. Can there be anything more #wonderful?

Be aware of each other – Often we tend to get carried away by the pleasure we are receiving and abandon our duty, forgetting that the other also loves to receive. That’s why it’s convenient for you to focus on your #partner’s reactions, it’s a two-person and simultaneous job, don’t forget that. Pay attention to the words, groans and movements, which will make the experience even more rewarding for both of you.
Use your hands – There is a world beyond oral sex. Don’t forget that the position allows you to have your hands free. Take advantage of it. You will see that her arousal increases when you use your fingers and so you can relax your mouth.
Try Toys – #sexual toys are welcome in any sexual encounter or position. Why shouldn’t they also be a great addition to 69? Plus, just as we encouraged you to use your hands, introducing toys will allow you to take breaks. And it’s just as exciting. So dare to include some toys in this practice!
Taking Breaks – As with everything to do with the sexual act, it’s not a marathon – the ultimate goal of sex is not orgasm, even if we think so, but really enjoying all of that world until when orgasm does not come.

# 69 is so famous because it’s actually a fantastic sex position, and now, thanks to this article, we’re sure you’ll discover the wonders of this #Kamasutra technique. Remember, use your creativity, let your imagination fly and adapt the position to you and your partner’s abilities and preferences. Don’t forget that they are a great card in your favor if you want to get out of the monotony, try new things and get intense #orgasms!

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