Freud was among the first to divide the orgasm of women into different categories, but he was not the last. Some believe that an orgasm is an #orgasm, and that there are just different ways to get it. Others, however, believe that there are different types of orgasms and that they are experienced differently.
Sex researcher Betty Dodson is in many ways the greatest “orgasm expert”. Dodson defines all orgasms as #clitoral orgasms and teaches women different ways to stimulate it. However, we do know that clitoral and vaginal orgasms are linked, simply because the two organs are physically linked. A #stimulation, for example, of the G-spot or other parts of the #vagina, also provides stimulation of the clitoris. This is due to the fact that the clitoris is divided into two branches, which extend 9-15cm along each side of the vagina. What we often refer to as the clitoris is actually just the head of the clitoris. The vaginal orgasm is actually a clitoral orgasm and women who cannot have it most likely only need the stimulation of the tip of the clitoris. Dodson has identified 7 different orgasms, all clitoral, but with different ways you can achieve them.

Combined Orgasm – Many people have already experienced a combined orgasm during intercourse. For example, if you combine clitoral stimulation with vaginal penetration, you can achieve a combined orgasm.

Serial Orgasm – Many Women can have multiple orgasms in a row, there is really no limit to the number of orgasms you can have in a row.

Tension orgasm – is an orgasm triggered by tension in the abdominal region. The small pelvic muscles are connected to the clitoris and these tensions in the abdominal region then provide clitoral stimuli.

Pressure Orgasm – When you reach orgasm by rubbing an object against your genitals, such as a duvet, pillow, or… a bicycle seat.

Relaxing Orgasm – Achieved from deep relaxation during sexual stimulation.

Fantasy orgasm – Some women can orgasm in their sleep, thanks to imagination or fetishes.

G-spot orgasm – Orgasm obtained by stimulating the g-spot, which is located in the anterior wall of the vagina.

This last orgasm is the most coveted by notoriety. Maybe it’s because it’s not always easy to find the G-spot, which makes it a little more exciting. Squirting often takes place precisely by stimulating the G-spot.

But while exploring different ways to orgasm can be both exciting and educational, it certainly doesn’t help to constantly think “now I have to come or” now I have to get that kind of orgasm. “Rather try to enjoy the moment, let go of them. fantasies and immerse yourself in your unconscious. Our sexuality resides in the unconscious that gives space to emotions and sensuality. All the conscious must be subdued so that the unconscious can do its job …. the body knows and can, if he is allowed.

Tell us your experiences and share your knowledge to enrich the knowledge of other women and men.

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