When you “squirt” for the first time, many people wonder what happened….

Maybe you’ve never tried it, or maybe you’ve never heard of it, but “squirting” or squirting or squirting is a common phenomenon that can occur when a woman has an orgasm, which often results in a wet spot on the sheet.

Squirting isn’t controlled by willpower, and when it first happens, many people wonder what happened, says sex counseling specialist Siv Gamnes. In some women it can happen violently releasing a not indifferent amount of spray liquid!

Gamnes often receives questions on this subject from young girls and adult women. Some women find squirting very embarrassing and fear that their partner thinks they have lost control and urinated.

But while many may find this phenomenon a bit problematic to address, this is not the case for everyone. Some women find it enjoyable even if they don’t like to talk about it. Women who raise the issue with a sexologist are often the ones who think it’s embarrassing, weird or disgusting, Gamnes explains.

There is no doubt that squirting is something many experience from time to time, the question is whether it is a female ejaculation, or just some urine coming out involuntarily. Squirt is a controversial topic and, according to Gamnes, the debate is still open and divided as to what it really is.

Some believe that it is not urine at all, but a fluid that comes from the glands that are around the urethra. Others believe that squirting is precisely a little urine that comes out in connection with the muscle contractions that occur in the abdomen during an orgasm.

Whatever it is, there is no reason to believe it is disgusting or abnormal. There is no final word that defines what is “normal”, women are different and so are their orgasms and their pleasures.

Most men think squirting is good

According to psychologist and coexistence expert Peder Kjøs, there are some men who have not even heard of the phenomenon of squirting, and others who may only be familiar with it from porn. Women tend to think that squirting is not pleasant for men. This is a misunderstanding! The vast majority of men Kjøs has talked to who have experienced squirting find it very exciting!

It is a real shame if women feel this phenomenon is something embarrassing and disgusting. It is important to know that a large number of women “squirt” (not alone) even though many think they are the only ones in the world and fear it is urine. In reality, whether it is a phenomenon connected to an orgasm, or a form of orgasm in itself, or even a stimulation of adjacent glands, for women who talk about it and who live squirting serenely, it is a form of liberating, passionate and charged pleasure. of libido.

Make everything more harmonious perhaps by buying a mattress cover or putting a towel underneath, so you don’t have to worry too much about the mattress getting wet and dirty. Talking with the partner, giving him a dimension of exploration of pleasure, squirting can be a “sparkling” and luxuriant experience for both in erotic games.

Tell us your experiences about it! Have you ever “squirted”? How did your He react?

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